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Nickel Sludge

EC21 태국 2019-09-11 ~ 2019-10-11
업종 광산물 제공기관 원본 정보로 이동
Hello Sir / Madam May I take this opportunity to introduce myself first. My name is Mr. Aroonchai , also you can call me Bright. I'm in charges of International Trade Commissioner at YIJIAYUAN company. We're now looking for Nickel Sludge. Our business has been running in Metal and Mineral group for nearly 2nd decades. Each month we need Nickel Sludge for supplying around 5,000 tons per month. Products details Commodity: Nickel Sludge Quality : Ni Content 6% up Mo percentage (%) : Please provide Please kindly provide us below details; 1) Product picture 2) Test report 3) Capacity per month 4) Place of Origin 5) Price : CIF all Asia main port 6) Payment method : Prefer L/C Please kindly contact me via email : yjy.aroonchai at gmail dot com We look forward to hearing from you soon. ...

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