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We Buy Steam Coal Regularly

EC21 중국 2022-08-04 ~ 2023-08-04
업종 제공기관 원본 정보로 이동
Dear Sirs, As a state-owned company with our headquarters in China, we have great demand for steam coal, especially from Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, etc. We can get regularly orders each month from big stated-owned power plants in China, So, our demand for team coal would be around 5 million MT per year. should you have the capacity to supply steam coal from above-mentioned countries, please feel free to contact us for details. Your early reply would be highly appreciated. Best Regards. Liu Ruizhen General Manager, Zhongliao Hongyuan (Hainan) Industrial Co., Ltd. Tel/Fax: +86 898 68571257 Mobile: +86 18637137757 Wechat: ...

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